Studio Art Tutorials

Studio Art Tutorials

In 12 short videos, learn different studio techniques from portrait drawing and painting seascapes to experimental printmaking, and create your own works of art. Videos feature instruction from experienced educators and professional artists.

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Twelve-video series
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Studio Art Tutorials
  • Studio Art Tutorial: Drawing from Sculpture

    Gain a basic understanding of how to conceptualize and draw a pencil portrait with MFA instructor Cameron McCool. Using the sculpture Le Printemps by Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux as inspiration, learn how to simplify shapes and examine light and dark tones to bring different characteristics in...

  • Studio Art Tutorial: Drawing the Nude Figure

    Learn how to use drawing fundamentals such as gesture, edge, and value to depict the human form with MFA instructor Cameron McCool. Using Gaudenzio Marconi’s photograph Academic Nude Study (Female) as inspiration, draw your own nude figure with techniques like contrapposto and proportion.

  • Studio Art Tutorial: Experimental Drawing

    Break outside of your comfort zone by learning new and experimental approaches to drawing with MFA instructor Yo Ahn Han. Using an untitled Chinese drawing by an unidentified artist as inspiration, explore both abstract and observational drawing techniques including perspective, Cubism, deconstru...

  • Studio Art Tutorial: Drawing the Whole Scene

    Learn how to build up an image across the page with MFA instructor Erin Bisceglia. Using Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec’s 1893 print Folies-Bergere: Les Prudeurs de M. Prudhomme as inspiration, utilize shadow, negative space, measuring, and other simple tricks to capture an entire scene.

  • Studio Art Tutorial: Color and Composition

    Gain a basic understanding of color theory and learn how to apply its principles to painting with MFA instructor Gianna Stewart. Using the painting Evening Sounds by Helen Torr as inspiration, arrange your palette in a way that defines value and contrast while you introduce other element...

  • Studio Art Tutorial: Watercolor Landscapes

    Discover the expressive potential of landscapes through watercolor painting with MFA instructor Yo Ahn Han. Learn different techniques such as wet on wet, dry brush, and bleeding, and experiment with more formal concepts like negative space, saturation, and grayscale. Then, using John Singer Sarg...

  • Studio Art Tutorial: Watercolor Character Study

    Learn the exciting process behind professional character design with MFA instructor Marion Eisenmann. Examine the elements of a simple human figure—proportions, the arrangement of visual weight, and more. Then, using Edgar Degas’s Little Fourteen-Year-Old Dancer as inspiration, create yo...

  • Studio Art Tutorial: Painting Seascapes

    Learn how to paint a seascape with dramatic skies and brilliant watery surfaces with MFA instructor Marion Eisenmann. Cover the fundamental elements including composition, foreground, and background. Then, using Claude Monet’s oil painting Ships in a Harbor as inspiration, create your ve...

  • Studio Art Tutorial: Watercolor Experiments

    Get creative with watercolors in this video tutorial with MFA instructor Gianna Stewart. Using Paul Klee’s Mauerpflanze (Wallflower) as inspiration, review the basics of watercolor painting, from palette to paper, and learn several new techniques to experiment with as you create your own...

  • Studio Art Tutorial: Trash Bag Monoprints

    This easy home printmaking technique will have you thinking about trash bags and cotton swabs in a whole new light! Experiment with color mixing, ghost prints, line drawing, and subtractive techniques with MFA instructor Erin Bisceglia. Then, using Yasui Sōtarō’s woodblock print Still Life: F...

  • Studio Art Tutorial: Monoprints

    Learn the essential elements of art through printmaking with MFA instructor Gianna Stewart. Explore line, shape, space, and value and use basic color theory to play with tints, tones, and shades. Then, using Ruth Eckstein’s multimedia print Magreb VI, use items and surfaces found in your...

  • Studio Art Tutorial: Overlaying Stencils

    Learn how to create a work of art using stencils with MFA instructor Yo Ahn Han. Taking inspiration from a 19th-century fragment of cotton by an unknown Japanese artist in the MFA’s collection, start out by drawing your design before cutting and printing your stencil.